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Easthall Park Publishes Annual Assurance Statement

Annual Assurance Statement 2020

The Co-operative is pleased to publish our Annual Assurance Statement which was approved by our Committee at their meeting held on the 28th Otcober.

This statement outlines how the Co-operative complies with the regulatory requirements of the Scottish Housing Regulator.

Despite the impact of Covid-19 on our community and the work of the Co-operative we are pleased to announce that we meet the standards that are required and have no material non compliances.

The Co-operative has also adopted an Annual Assurance Statement Action Plan which will be used to maintain and enhance the high standards that are set so that our tenants and residents continue to get the best services possible. 

To review our statement please click here or go to the downloads section of this website were you will see the statement along with previous statements along with what these mean.