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Annual General Meeting

Annual General Meeting

The Co-operative have issued papers for our Annual General Meeting to our members.  The meeting will be held on the 14th September 2020 at 7.00pm outside the Glenburn Centre.  We will be arranging gazebos outside the Centre should the weather be inclement.  The meeting will follow strict social distancing guidelines and we are also arranging for this to be available via zoom for those that cannot attend physically.

This is an excellent time to join our Committee as this is when we elect our Committee for the year.  Do you live in one of our homes and want to Make a Difference in the Community then why not apply to join the Committee.

Full training and support will be given and we are even holding these meetings via Zoom at present so there is no requirement to leave your home.

For further details please call the office or refer to your Annual General Meeting papers that have been issued to you.

Note only members (tenants) can join the Committee as we are a Fully Mutual Co-operative.

This basically means that our Co-operative is run by and for local people. 

We look forward to you attending the meeting whether in person or electronically.