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Celebrating 27% Rent Consultation Returns!

Celebrate 27% Rent consultation Returns

In early January we began our rent consultation process which included:

  • All 695 tenants receiving a postal survey
  • Telephone survey
  • Using social media to advertise survey
  • Open evening event
  • House visits
  • Text messages sent to all our Tenants (whose mobile number we had)

We consulted on three options:  3.3%, 3.5% or 4.0%.

We are delighted that 186 tenants (27%) completed the survey which outlined tenant’s views on what rent increase should be applied for the following year.

Committee will analyse the returns tonight (30th January 2019) and use this valuable information to determine not only what the rent increase will be for 2019/20 but also what the priorities are for tenants as the survey also allowed for views on how their rent should be used over the coming year.

Claire McGraw Housing Manager of Easthall Park states “This is the highest ever return we have had to our rent consultation and this is testimony to the hard work of our staff as they used every method possible to get tenants views from text messaging, interviews, home visits, evening meetings and postal surveys.  We are delighted and determined to use these various types of consultation in the future.  We are extremely grateful to all our tenants who took the time to complete this survey.”