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Community Activities

Annual report 2014

Activity Schedule 2016

Easthall Residents Association

The mission statement of Easthall Park Housing Co-operative is “making a difference to our community”.

This purpose highlights how we define ourselves as being more than a landlord, as we understand the importance of community activities in creating better lives and a better neighbourhood for our residents.

Easthall Residents Association is a key strategic partner of Easthall Park Housing Co-operative, as they are vital to the achievement of our community aspirations.

The Association was formed in 1973 and co-ordinates the community activities from the Glenburn Centre.

The Association manages the community café, IT suite and office accommodation available for local businesses.

The Association also manages the provision of a games hall that accommodates the many social activities that take place in the Glenburn Centre.  On a weekly basis, for instance, we have youth clubs, fitness and dance sessions, homework classes, lunch clubs and computer classes.

On a weekly basis on average more than 500 visitors participate in the wide range of community events co-ordinated from the Centre.