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2017 Winners

12 Arnisale Court - 1st Place 2017

14 Lochbridge Road - 2nd Place 2017

33 Edderton Way - 3rd Place 2017

2017 Runners Up

6 Lochbridge Road

6 Arnisdale Court

6 Arnisdale View

23 Lochbridge Road

23A Wardie Road

10 Wardie Place

108 Ware Road

2017 Noticed for Effort

7 Lochbridge Road

24 Halliburton Road

89 Wardie Road 0/1

54 Shandwick Street

59 Shandwick Street

8 Arnisdale View

The John Murphy

Garden Competition

In tribute to the late John Murphy, Estate Caretaker Supervisor we renamed our garden competiton the

“John Murphy Garden Competition”. 

John loved seeing residents take care and attention of their gardens.

Each September at our Annual General Meeting we will give awards to a number of residents who maintain their gardens to a very high standard.

This year we have introduced a new category of the best improved garden.

The aim of these awards is to recognise and celebrate the work of residents who make the area look so good and make a real difference to our community.

Come along to our AGM on Monday 10th September 2018 to see the winners receive their prizes.