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Did you know we have a Residents Panel at Easthall Park?


Residents Panel Coffee Morning

26 April 2018 10.30am-12noon

Did you know there is a Residents Panel at Easthall Park Housing Co-operative?  As well as the Management Committee, there is a Residents Panel with the aim of the Panel to ensure that the people that use the services have the opportunity to inform how those services are delivered.

We are made up of local people living in Easthall and Kildermorie and we meet every couple of months to discuss a wide range of topics important to us as residents.

We decide what we want to look at, although the Co-operative will also suggest topics for discussion.  Some of the items covered are:

  • How rent is spent and question whether it is value for money?
  • How the Co-op deal with anti-social behaviour and neighbour nuisance
  • How the Co-op deal with day to day repairs
  • How the Co-op deals with complaints about the service
  • How letters and information sheets are written

As well as this, the Panel scrutinises the Co-operative’s performance in delivering services and help in the preparation of the Charter Report to tenants which is issued each year. 

There are no special skills or qualifications required; everyone’s view is important to us and worth listening to and training is offered if residents feel they need this.  The meetings are informal and everyone is encouraged to take an active and positive part, we offer afternoon tea and cakes while chatting through the issues. 

Some of the reasons we got involved are:

“I wanted to make a difference to where I live and I know that I can improve things”.

“I’m nosey and want to know that things are getting done when neighbours ask me”

“It’s an excuse to get out and meet other people living here

If you are interested in getting involved, even just occasionally, please come along to our Coffee morning or speak to your Housing Officer for more information.