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Easthall Park announces rent increase of 3.3%

Easthall Park announces rent increase of 3.3%

In January 2019, Easthall Park Management Committee approved a rent increase of 3.3%.

This will take effect from 28 March 2019.

The rent increase was determined as the necessary amount to ensure we can continue to invest and improve in our stock, repay the private finance borrowed over the years to build new homes, and deliver the services required to support tenants adapt to what we recognise are challenging times.

All Easthall Park tenants will have received a letter explaining why the rents had increased and what it personally means for them.

Meanwhile each tenant who responded to the rent consultation will have received an individual response.

We do recognise many of our tenants are experiencing difficulty with low or stagnant wages and benefit changes (via Welfare Reform).  Accordingly, our Management Committee has limiting annual rent increases as a key business priority and we want to help our tenants pay their rent.

Please remember we have welfare rights staff based in our office available to provide advice.  If you wish an appointment please call 0141 781 2277 or drop in on Friday mornings between 10 & 12.