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Getting Involved

How can you get involved? 

We offer a range of ways of getting involved and making your views known; from taking part in surveys which take only a few minutes to becoming a Management Committee member which requires more commitment.  We aim to offer opportunities for everyone to have their say in what they are interested in, at a level they feel comfortable with. 

Our information leaflet ‘Getting Involved’ provides lots of information about ways of getting involved and having your say.

We have a Residents Engagement Strategy which sets out what we want to do. You can find it here Resident Engagement Strategy

These are  

  • to provide information that residents need  to help them understand what we do and how we perform
  • to provide opportunities for users to comment on performance and participate in the development of the services we provide
  • to ensure that residents can be involved at a level they feel comfortable with

Every year the Management Committee agrees a Resident Engagement Action Plan which sets out the things we will do in order to meet the aims of our strategy. 

We would love to hear from you as to what should be in our next plan.  Please contact the office if you have any views.