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 Scottish Social Housing Charter

All Registered Social Landlords have to issue an annual report to their tenants advising how they have performed in meeting the Scottish Social Housing Charter.

The Scottish Social Housing Charter consists of 16 outcomes and standards that all housing organisations should aim to achieve.

We issued our first Charter report to local residents in November 2013, a year earlier than required by the Scottish Housing Regulator.

We issued our third charter report at our AGM in September 2015.  We appreciate the work of our Residents Panel who had a significant role influencing the style and format of the report.
We hope that you find our Charter report an interesting and helpful read.  It should hopefully provide an insight into what we do, how we perform and our plans for continued improvement.  

If you have any comments on the style and content of the report – for example, the presentation, relevance of performance information provided, is it easy to understand etc – please contact the office and ask to speak to Claire McGraw, Housing Manager.

In April 2017 a revised Charter was published and future reports will be based on this Charter.  The revised Charter highlights all the standards and outcomes that should be reflected in our activities, is updated to reflect recent developments on best practice, adds a requirement for us to meet the energy Efficiency Standard for social Housing by December 2020 and amends the neighbourhood and community outcome to recognise that this outcome requires us to work with other agencies to deliver these outcome.

You can find a copy of the revised charter at http://www.gov.scot/Publications/2017/03/8379

View the Scottish Housing Regulators report on Easthall Park Housing Co-operative.