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New Housing Officers from 8th October 2018

New Housing Officers from 8th October 2018

Please note your change of Housing Officer from Monday will be:-

Geraldine Cullen


Working Days

Monday to Friday





Louise McNally


Working Days

Monday to Thursday


(Other staff always   available on a Friday)



Leza Lafferty


Working Days

Tuesday to Friday


(Other staff always   available on a Monday)



Arnisdale Road

Arnisdale Gate

21-29 Wardie Road

Eddlewood Court

Arnisdale View

Easthall Place

Wardie Place

95a,95b,107-121 Wardie rd

3-11 Wardie Road

Halliburton ter  

Edderton Way  

Edderton Place

Halliburton Rd

Lochbridge rd

Glenburnie Pl   

Struie Street

Eddlewood Place

100-106 Kildermorie rd

79-113 Kildermorie

Kildermorie Place

18a -22d Shandwick St

35-39 Wardie Road

36-59 Shandwick Street

Eddlewood Path

61-73 Wardie Road

Arnisdale Court

Ware Road 2-16

Ware Road 1 - 31B

Tronda Place

Ware Road 92-136

16,18,20,21,22,24,26,28,30,33 Banton Pl

57 Wardie Road

2,4,6,8,10,12,14,27,29,31 Banton Place

41-45 Wardie

Ware road 30-90

85-103 Wardie Road

47-55 Wardie Rd

1,3,5,7,9,15,17,19,23,25 Banton Place

Westerhouse Road

Eddlewood Rd

Arnisdale Place

Please note if your Housing Officer is not available please always ask to speak to another member of the Housing Management Team.  There will always be someone you can speak to you and that can assist you.  We are here to help and see all customers who visit the office.

Conall Deveney is now the Assistant Housing Officer for all addresses and will deal with things like category C neighbour nuisance and anti-social behaviour, arrears under £500, the Common Housing Register, management of section 5 homeless referrals and all new tenant visits. You don’t always have to call into the office to speak to us.  You can email us on the details below.

Geraldine@easthallpark.org.uk                Louise@easthallpark.org.uk

Leza@easthallpark.org.uk                         Conall@easthallpark.org.uk

You can also find us on facebook & twitter