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Information sheet 19 Former tenant arrears

Former Tenant Arrears

It is important that you pay your rent up until the end of your tenancy.

We have an information sheet that outlines the steps to be taken when
notice is received to end a tenancy. 

We have a procedure in place to recover former tenant arrears owed. 

We will write and inform you of any amount of rent outstanding at the end of your tenancy.  If you fail to pay or make an agreement to pay the balance, you will receive a reminder letter. If you still do not pay or make an arrangement to pay, you will be referred to an outside debt recovery agency who will take steps on our behalf to collect the debt.  You may also incur additional costs if this happens. If at a later date you apply for a home with Easthall Park Housing Co-operative or any other housing association this may affect your prospects of getting a tenancy.

We have an information sheet that explains how we manage former tenant arrears.