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Rent Management Policy August 2018

Funding Sources for Easthall Park

Importance of rent

Your rent is calculated monthly and should be paid in advance on or before the 28th of the month. This means for example that February's rent should be paid before the 28th January.

It is vital that rent is paid in full and on time. It is a condition of your tenancy agreement that you pay your rent on time. If you persistently fail to do this the Co-operative may have no option but to take legal action against which could lead to you losing your home. Our rent policy which you can see here sets how the Co-operative deals with rent collection and arrears. 

Rent is Easthall Park’s main source of income. Without rent we cannot provide our services and maintain our homes. We will therefore take firm action against tenants who do not pay their rent. 

The rent you pay is used in four main ways to:

  • Pay for repairs and maintenance to your home;
  • Set aside some money each year to pay for larger
  • Manage Easthall Housing Co-operative and your home;
  • Repay any money we have borrowed to build or
    improve your home.