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DHP is not just for help with the ‘Bedroom Tax’.

A discretionary housing payment is a ‘top up’ of money to help you with your rent costs; as well as helping with ‘bedroom tax’, this could also be because you:

  • are struggling financially and can’t seem to make ends meet
  • are a vulnerable person due to your health or household circumstances
  • are working and your employment is at risk because of your financial circumstances
  • need some financial help to secure or move to more suitable/affordable accomodation 
  • have a non-dependent deduction applied to your Housing Benefit.

You can only claim Discretionary Housing Payment if you are receiving some Housing Benefit entitlement that is less than your full rent.  You are not eligible if all your rent is covered by housing benefit.  Awards are discretionary so a DHP cannot be guaranteed, but if you are struggling with your rent and receiving some housing benefit we would encourage you to apply.  Our Welfare Rights Assistant, Leigh Marinelli, can assist with applications.  However if you are confident in completing an application for DHP yourself, you can do it in the following ways:

  • DHP forms are available from your local Council Tax and Housing Benefit Office.
  • The DHP form is also available to complete online via the Glasgow City Council website https://www.glasgow.gov.uk/dhpform
  • Or you can write, asking to apply for a DHP, to: Glasgow City Council, PO Box 36, Glasgow G1 1JE

It is important to note that there is usually a time limit on DHP payments and they are intended for short term financial assistance.  If your Discretionary Housing Payments are due to come to an end, please make an appointment to see Leigh who can assist you with budgeting advice or possibly accessing other funds.

For any other information about DHP, please contact our office on 0141 781 2277.