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Planned and Cyclical Maintenance

Each year we carry out a planned and cyclical maintenance programme.

The purpose of this work is to maintain the condition of your home and ensure our properties remain popular and of high demand.

Planned maintenance generally involves the renewal of items like external doors and windows, central heating systems, kitchens and bathroom suites when they reach the end of their life cycle.

Each component of a property – for instance, a kitchen, windows, the bathroom – has a lifecycle so we can plan for when each item needs replaced.  The condition of the components and their life cycle gets reviewed on a regular basis.  To assist this exercise, we employ external surveyors who check the condition of the housing stock and recommend any changes to lifecycles.

Cyclical programmes generally relate to items which are required to be maintained on a regular basis such as gas safety inspections, external painting and gutter cleaning.

We have set out below the planned and cyclical programme for 2015/16:

Planned Maintenance 2015/16


Description of Work

Banton Place

  • Supply & Fit new kitchen and extractor fans

55 & 57 Wardie Road,

1 - 19 Ware Road (phase 6 only)

1 - 38 Edderton Place (phase 6 only)

1 - 35 Edderton Way (phase 6 only)

2a Eddlewood Court

  • Supply & Fit new kitchen and extractor fans
  • Supply & Fit new Gas Central Heating Boiler
  • Supply and fit bathroom extractors

41, 43 & 45 Wardie Road

9 Edderton Place

5 - 9 Glenburnie Place

  • Verandah upgrade (includes 2 owner occupiers)

24 - 34 Westerhouse Road

99 Wardie Road

  • Home Energy Efficiency Package Cladding Project (includes 18 owners)

Cyclical Maintenance 2015/16


Description of Work

41 - 103 Wardie Road

9 Edderton Place

5 - 9 Glenburnie Place

24 - 36 Westerhouse Road

  • Communal water tank inspections

All Properties

  • CCTV & Glenburn Park inspections

Flats Only

  • Annual roof anchor inspection and testing

All Properties

  • Gas Servicing

Westerhouse Road

  • Proposed backcourt upgrade after Home Energy Efficiency Package Cladding Project

Just over £1m has been set aside to cover the major and cyclical programme for 2015/16.