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How to Report a Repair

We recognise that the repair service is for many residents the most valued and important service we provide.

Accordingly we aim to make the process of reporting a repair as easy and straightforward as we can.

The main methods to report a repair are:

  • By calling into our office at the Glenburn Centre, 6 Glenburnie Place, Easthall;
  • By phone during business hours on 0141 781 2277 or outwith office hours on 0333 320 2322, for Gas central heating repairs call 01294 468 113
  • By email at enquiries@easthallpark.org.uk; or

Report a repair online now

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When reporting a repair please give as much information as possible about the repair required and access arrangements.

We will inform you of the work we have ordered, the timescale within which we will complete the repair and the name of the contractor who will carry out the work.

Repairs are classified into three main categories:

  • Emergencies will be attended to and made safe within 4 hours
  • Non-emergency repairs will be completed within 4 working days
  • “Right to repair”