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SHR seeking volunteer Tenant Advisors!

SHR seeking volunteer Tenant Advisors to help inform the future of social housing in Scotland.

SHR are looking for 12 motivated tenants to help provide an independent and unique perspective.

Tenant Advisors are tenants of either RSLs or local authorities who volunteer to participate in regulation work and support the Regulator by:

•    Testing landlord services by acting as mystery shoppers, assessing information and materials produced by landlords for their tenants.
•    Reviewing SHR draft publications and website facilities, and helping the SHR to make sure material is both accessible and user friendly for tenants.
•    Asking other service users for their views when the SHR assess the quality of service provided by social landlords to give the SHR a direct, user perspective to add to other regulatory evidence.

You don't need any formal qualifications, training, or experience to apply.
First and foremost, we're looking for people who are tenants of either registered social landlords or local authorities and are passionate about improving the services provided by Scottish social landlords. If that's you, we welcome your application.

The closing date for applications is 10:00 am on Monday 14th February 2022.

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