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Subletting and Lodgers

What is subletting?

Subletting is where you move out and rent out your home to another person or family.

A tenant requires written permission from Easthall Park before a sublet can proceed.

A granting of a sublet may be considered in the following circumstances:

  • Where a tenant is taking up a contract of employment for a fixed period of time and this is outwith travelling distance from home;
  • Where a tenant is taking an extended holiday;
  • Where a tenant is moving away to study for a period of time;
  • Where a tenant is going away for a limited period of time to look after a sick or elderly relative.

During the period of sub let the tenant remains responsible for the conduct of the tenancy.

If you wish to consider subletting your property, please contact the office.

What about lodgers?

Taking in a lodger is where you rent out a room in your home to someone else but you keep living in the property.

We recognise many tenants may consider this due to the introduction in April 2013 of the Housing Benefit under occupation charge.

The key information to note is the tenant must obtain our written consent before renting a room to a lodger.

We will not refuse unreasonably.

For further information on welfare reform and lodgers, refer to our “welfare reform” section of the web site.