Management Committee

Easthall Park is a community based housing association and a registered Scottish charity. The business is controlled by a Management Committee who are local tenants and other people who have skills and knowledge to enhance the capability of the Committee.

The Management Committee has a strategic role to lead and direct the organisation, where they key take the key decisions in the Co-operative’s work to ensure good governance, maintain strong financial viability and provide good outcomes for our tenants and other key stakeholders such as our lenders and the Scottish Housing Regulator.

Our Management Committee are elected at the Annual General Meeting and we would encourage tenants and residents who are members of the Association to consider standing for election to make Easthall Park a great place to live. If you are interested in becoming a member of the Association or joining the Management Committee please contact the office for more information.

Our current Management Committee are as listed:

Paul Waddell (Chairperson)

Joined - 7th September 2015

Last re-elected - September 2023

Elected as Chairperson - September 2022

David Barnes (Vice Chairperson)

Joined - 10th September 2018

Last re-elected - September 2022

Alison Cushingham

Joined - 20th September 2010

Last re-elected - September 2023

Charles Harvey 

Joined - 1st September 1999

Last re-elected - September 2023

Caroline Cooper 

Joined - 1st October 2006

Last re-elected - September 2023

Deborah McNulty

Joined - 29th March 2023

Elected in September 2023

Fiona Laverty

Joined - 4th September 2023

Elected in September 2023

Robert Hartness (Co-optee) Joined - July 2022