The Co-operative is committed to consulting with our tenants and other customers on key policies and service areas to inform the delivery of our housing service, for example the annual rent increase, how we allocate our properties, timescales for our repairs service etc.

We will provide you will the following information when we consult with you:

  • Details of the proposed review or change in our policies or service area;
  • The arrangements for you to provide your views, which will either be a survey questionnaire, submitting your comments by letter or e-mail or a focus group;
  • The details of our staff you can contact to provide your views;
  • The deadline for responses;
  • The date our Management Committee will make their decision.

Details of current consultations will be listed below:

None at present

We welcome the views of our tenants and other customers to enable us to make the necessary improvements in our work and service.  If you have any views on our service you can:

  • talk to us at our office;
  • submit your views through the website or an e-mail to, or
  • give us a call on 0141 781 2277