Keeping a Pet

Tenants can request permission to keep a pet in most of our properties. Permission is not required for small animals such as fish, mice or cage birds. However, you should ask our permission for larger animals such as a cat or dog.  We would consider each permission request to ensure that;

  • The pet was suitable for the property;
  • Is there already a pet in the home;
  • You have breached the tenancy previously in relation to keeping a pet.

If you are unsure about whether you need permission, please contact the Housing Officer.

How many pets can I have?

The number and type of pets you can have will depend on the pet and the size of your property. We look at each case on its merits, however no more than 2 dogs per household will be permitted.

Pets causing a nuisance

If you have a pet you should make sure that;

  • Any dog fouling is removed appropriately;
  • Dogs are not left in common areas alone
  • Dogs do not bark so as to cause a nuisance to others;
  • Dogs are kept on a lead while in common areas;
  • You do not install a cat flap without seeking permission.

If you pet causes a nuisance to others in the area around your home, permission to keep a pet may be withdrawn.

Applying for permission to keep a pet

You can apply for permission to keep a pet by contacting the office.