Ending Your Tenancy

If you want to end your tenancy with Easthall Park you must give 28 days’ notice in writing, this is a condition of your tenancy.

When you let us know you want to end your tenancy we will ask you to complete a tenancy termination form and return it to the office. You can get this form from our office or you can download it here; Notice of Termination Form Your 28 days’ notice starts from when we receive this form.

Your tenancy agreement sets out your responsibilities in relation to ending your tenancy. You will find more about these and what we expect in the information leaflet ‘Ending your tenancy’ which you can download here or you can get from our office.

A tenancy ends with the death of the tenant.  Under certain circumstances people living in the house at the time of the tenant’s death may be able to succeed to the tenancy.  More details can be found in the ‘succession’ section of the website or you can contact the Housing Officer for more advice.

In the unfortunate event that you find yourself responsible for clearing property from a deceased relative’s tenancy, the Co-operative generally requests that you clear the property within a two week period from the date of death and return all keys to the Co-operative. Easthall Park realises that this is a difficult and stressful time and we can provide advice and support to assist.

For further information on rights and responsibilities when a tenant is deceased is available in the “succession” section of the web site.