Community Activities

The purpose of Easthall Park Housing Co-operative is “making a difference to our community”.

We consider ourselves to be ‘More than a Landlord’, where our aim is to work with our partners to improve the quality of lives and opportunities for our tenants, owner-occupiers and their families in the communities we serve.

Our key partner is Easthall residents Association and we work closely and take every opportunity to support their work in the delivery of the following:

  • Youth and community services
  • Community and social events
  • Development of our children and young people
  • Recreation and leisure activities
  • Employment, training and volunteering opportunities and support
  • Provision of a community café

This section of the outlines the range of our community work and our relationship with Easthall Residents Association, a key strategic partner, who help support the delivery of our wider community aspirations.

You will find details of the broad range of social activities provided at our office, the Glenburn Centre.

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