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We recognise that for the majority of our tenants repairs and improvements to the home are the most visible and important service we provide.

A key strategic objective of Easthall Park Housing Co-operative is “providing quality homes and an attractive environment”.

This section of the website provides an insight as to how we will deliver this objective, as it contains information and service standards as to how we manage day-to-day repairs and invest in the improvement of homes and the neighbourhood.

As a landlord, we also have legal obligations that we must comply with.  For example, we need to service gas heating services on an annual basis.

All our tenants also have responsibilities to report repairs and avoid damage to the property due to misuse or neglect.

Accordingly, in this section of the website we provide advice and information as to the landlord/tenant responsibilities in maintaining quality homes.

We also describe the standard of new homes we have available to let, the competitive home content insurances packages available on the market and how we can help people stay in their homes with our adaption service.

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