Mutual Exchange

What is a mutual exchange?

A mutual exchange allows tenants of social landlords to swap homes as long as they have permission of both landlords.  All Scottish Secure Tenants (i.e. tenants of housing associations, co-operatives and councils) have this right and can arrange a swap to another property in their local area or indeed anywhere in the UK as long as both landlords give permission.

Is a mutual exchange the right thing for me?

If you live in a home that no longer meets your needs, or the area you live in isn’t ideal or you simply want a fresh start, mutual exchange may be your solution.  Exchanges are often a quicker way for you to move home rather than applying for a transfer. They are a self-help option because you are in control and find someone to swap with.
Easthall Park will allow tenants to apply for a mutual exchange once they have lived in their home for 12 months as long they meet certain conditions.

How does it work?

A leaflet on how we deal with requests for a mutual exchange can be found here.  We hold a mutual exchange register of people interested in a swap and you can see this here. If you would like to have your details on the register complete the form here (add photos if you can)  and either email it  to us at or bring it into our office.

If  you find someone to swap with you, must first ask written permission from us and the other tenant’s landlord and you must not make any arrangements to move until you have this in writing.

Use this form if you are both Easthall Park tenants.
Use this form if you are an Easthall Park tenant wanting to swap with the tenant of another landlord.
Use this form if you are the tenant of another landlord and want to swap with an Easthall Park tenant.