Your and Our Responsibilities

A key strategic objective at Easthall Park is “providing quality homes and an attractive environment”.

Accordingly, we are a committed to delivering a responsive and comprehensive repair and maintenance service.

Looking after your home is, however, a shared responsibility and the purpose of this section is to outline the responsibilities of Easthall Park and the responsibilities of a tenant of Easthall Park.

Our repairs responsibilities are set out in your Scottish Secure Tenancy agreement.  Nonetheless, we have set out below what you can expect from us and how to get the best from the service.

Our Responsibilities Include:

  • The structure and fabric of your house.
  • Fixtures and fittings supplied by the Co-operative, for instance, kitchen units.
  • Installations provided by the Co-operative, for instance, central heating.
  • Common areas and back courts.

Remember if we have to attend to any of the above due to misuse or negligence by members of the household or visitors, we may not proceed with the repair or, alternatively, the cost of the repair or replacement will be charged to the tenant.

Your Responsibilities Include:

  • Anything that belongs to you.
  • Internal decoration.
  • Blocked sinks and waste pipes if caused by your negligence.
  • Replacing batteries in smoke detectors.
  • Replacing locks and keys if you lose your keys.
  • Replacing broken window(s) unless reported to the Police as criminal damage.
  • Any deliberate damage or vandalism by you, a member of your household or a visitor to your home.
  • Television equipment owned or rented by you including digital receivers.

Please remember you are responsible for your home contents insurance to cover damage to possessions and decoration in the event of your home being damaged by fire, flood or other accident. 

A tenant of Easthall Park can benefit from comprehensive and competitively priced contents insurance.

Please refer to the "insurance" section of the web site for further information and support we can provide.