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In our last comprehensive residents survey in November 2014, 94% of tenants were satisfied with services provided by Easthall Park. That was encouraging feedback as one of our key strategic objectives is “delivering excellent housing services”.

One of the critical measures of the success of our business is the level of satisfaction with our services. We believe to help tenants assess the quality of what we do, it is important to provide information as to the services we provide. This provides the criteria that allow tenants to determine if we are achieving standards set.

The aim of this section is to outline the range of services and standards you can expect as a tenant of Easthall Park, as well as describing what a tenant agrees to when they sign an Easthall Park tenancy agreement.

The section highlights the key conditions of the tenancy agreement, how to end a tenancy, succession rights, how we deal with complaints of anti-social behaviour and neighbour nuisance, our approach to prioritising applicants for empty properties, assignment of tenancies, lodgers and sub-lets and responsibilities when keeping a pet.