Repair Timescales

We carry out more than 2,000 repairs a year. Our aim is to ensure that each individual repair is completed quickly at a time suitable to tenants and the repair standard is of a quality that meets the expectations of our tenants.

Accordingly, we aim to attend and make safe emergencies within four hours of you contacting us.

If necessary, we will make sure you and your home are safe, then we will arrange a follow-up appointment to complete the work at a suitable time.

We determine emergency repairs as those that present immediate risk to your safety, security or health or could lead to serious damage to your property.

Examples of emergency repairs include:

  • Flooding
  • Electric failure
  • Major structural damage
  • Blocked drains causing flooding to the property
  • Blocked toilet when there is no other toilet to use in the house
  • No heating
  • We provide an out of hours repair service
  • If you have an emergency out of hours please call 0845 600 8624, for Gas Central Heating Repairs call 01294 468 113
  • We report how we perform completing repairs within target in the “about us”, “performance” section of the website
  • All other non-emergency repairs will be carried out within four working days or in timescale set out within Right to Repair timescale legislation.
  • Right to repair info sheet