Frequently Asked Questions


How many days notice do I need to give?

28 days’ notice required is required to terminate your tenancy. As an outgoing tenant you must complete and sign a termination form. A pre-termination inspection of your property will be arranged with you before leaving.

How long does it take to process an application form?

Our target is to process your application within 7 working days from all information being received.

How do I complete an application form?

You should ensure all questions on the form are completed, and that the form is signed and dated.

All applicants must submit 2x proof of address for each applicant for the address applying from. For others in household proof of address only required where there is overcrowding, however, in these cases proofs must be provided for all members of the household. This includes those not being rehoused but who are part of current household. Other proofs such as medical letters and confirmation of access arrangements for children should also be provided.

When will I get a house?

We are not able to answer this question. Our waiting list for housing changes on a daily basis and your place on list only relevant at time a property is being selected on, as it changes frequently. Applicants should be aware that our turnover of properties is not high and we will contact you directly if you are in line for an offer.

Change of Circumstances

What do i do if my circumstances change?

If you have moved address a new form must be submitted. The relevant proof of address must also be submitted for the new address. Changes to your household or any new relevant details can be provided in writing or verbally.


Applicants are awarded 25 points for each room under-occupying and 50 for every room they are overcrowded.

What is my date of entry?

Your date of entry is the first day of your tenancy. This information is shown on the front page of your Tenancy Agreement. If you require this information please contact the office.

What happens to my house when l pass away?

In the unfortunate event of a tenants death, it is often the case that there were others living in the home at the time the tenant passed away. In these instances, certain individuals have legal rights to succeed to the tenancy.

The law states that succession to a Scottish Secure tenancy happens when the tenant dies, and a "qualifying person" inherits the tenancy. A Scottish Secure tenancy can only be succeeded to twice, and a third death will normally end the tenancy.

It is important to note that different timeframes exist at the different levels of succession for the time a “qualifying person” has had to have stayed in the house to succeed to the tenancy.

There is no qualifying period for the tenant’s spouse, civil partner or joint tenant provided (in all cases) that the person’s only or principal home was the house in question at the time of the tenant’s death.

Please see our website for more information or contact us at the office and we can talk to you about this.


What is my rent?

Your rent is charged monthly on the 28th of each month. If you require confirmation of your monthly rent figure please contact the office.

When we apply your rent we apply this in advance. This means that when we apply your rent charge on the 28th February this is for period 28th February to 27th March.

How much rent do I owe?

This can depend on if you receive housing benefit or not. If you receive housing benefit your balance may appear higher due to the fact Glasgow City Council pay in arrears, while your rent is charged in advance.

How can I apply for Housing Benefit or Universal Credit?

An appointment can be made with our welfare rights advisor for advice on how to complete an application. Universal Credit can be applied for online. Most new claims will now be for Universal Credit and not Housing Benefit, however, please contact us to make an appointment with the welfare rights advisor who will be happy to clarify this for you.

What is the status of my Housing Benefit/Universal Credit claim?

Tenants can call Housing Benefit on 0141 287 5050 for an update on their claim. Appointments can be arranged on this number to speak to someone at The Bridge where a face to face service is in place.

Universal Credit can be checked online through your journal. If you need assistance with this please contact the office.

Standing Order/Direct Debit request

Direct debits can be set up at the office via allpay with staff. To do this you will need to provide your bank details as well as details of payment dates and amounts.

Standing order forms can be provided with our bank details to allow you to set this up with your bank.



I am unhappy with repair/contractor has not been?

If a repair has not been completed please advise the office and we will look into this for you with our contractor.

When I am getting new kitchen/bathroom etc?

Works are programmed in line with the Co-operative’s improvement plan for our properties. Improvements are carried out on a cyclical basis and the date for work carried out will depend on what phase and when improvement work was last carried out. Specific details can be obtained on request.

Gas Maintenance

All tenants are sent appointment letters to arrange an annual gas service. Gas service is a legal obligation and must be carried out every year. If you do not provide access we will force entry and the gas will be capped. Tenants can rearrange directly with the contractor or by request at the office.

How do I get on your Approved Contractor List?

Contractors looking to be added to the approved list should submit their details to the office or by email. These are reviewed if and when required.

Can I make alterations to my home?

All tenants must get permission before completing any alterations. Easthall Park have an application form and information leaflet available at the office.

Alternatively, you can get this application in our downloads section on website.

What is Right to Repair?

Right to Repair is a scheme where if certain repairs not completed on time, tenant will be entitled to compensation. Tenants can get more information in our Right to Repair leaflet which is available on our website and at the office.

Estate Management

How do I get on the Garden Maintenance list?

You must complete an application form to join the garden maintenance list. To qualify you must have a medical condition or be over 65 years of age. In addition to this there must also be no able bodied person in the household over the age of 16 who can cut the grass.

You can contact the office for application or alternatively visit the downloads section on our website.

How do I request a bulk uplift?

Requests for a bulk uplift can be made by phone on 0141- 287 9700 or on the Glasgow City Council website.

You can also request the uplift of bulk items using the MyGlasgow app which can be downloaded from the app store.

How do I report an abandoned vehicle?

Report can be made to Abandoned Vehicles Helpline – 0141- 276 0859.

You will be asked to provide as much of the following information about the vehicle as possible:

  • make and model (e.g. Ford Fiesta)
  • colour
  • registration number
  • exact location (e.g. outside 6 Glenburnie Place)
  • general condition of vehicle
How do I report graffiti/fly-tipping/fly-posting?

Issues of this nature can be reported by phone on 0141- 287 9700 or on the Glasgow City Council website.

You can also report these issues using the MyGlasgow app which can be downloaded from the app store.

How do I report a drainage problem?

If a drainage issue is external to an Easthall Park property this should be reported to Scottish Water on 0800 0778 778. Any internal issues will be addressed by our contractor.

My backcourt/close hasn’t been brushed/cleaned?

Please report any issues of this nature to the office.

My bin hasn’t been uplifted?

You have to report this to the Glasgow City Council cleansing department on 0141 287 5064 or via the MyGlasgow app.


Can I apply to take in a lodger?

Yes – but we need to provide consent in writing. We will not unreasonably refuse consent but we must be satisfied the request is reasonable and will not create overcrowding.

How can I apply to sublet?

This request would need to be made in writing and would be subject to our approval.

How do I add someone to my household?

Any tenant looking to advise us of a change in household should do so in writing. All new household members need to be advised of in writing so that they can meet the conditions for succession and assignation under the Housing (Scotland) Act 2014 which states we must have had written notice of a person joining the household 12 months previously before a succession/assignation can be granted. If you have given birth or got married you should bring your certificate to the office for a copy to be taken and the records updated.

You can email us this information –

Can I do a mutual exchange?

All requests for mutual exchanges must be put in writing and both parties wishing to exchange will be asked to complete the Co-operative’s mutual exchange form. If the exchange involves a tenant of another landlord then both parties will be asked to also contact the other landlord and follow that landlord’s procedure for requesting permission. A decision will be made within 28 days as to whether or not the mutual exchange can proceed.

How do I join the Residents Panel/Customer Care Panel or Committee?

Any shareholding tenant of the Co-operative can stand for election to the Committee. There are up to 15 members of the committee at any one time and they are elected to serve for up to 3 years before they need to step down or seek re-election. To stand for election you need to fill out a nomination form before the AGM. If there are more people who want to join the Committee then there will be an election and the person with the most votes will be elected.

The Residents Panel and Customer Care Panel is made up of residents of Easthall & Kildermorie who meet every couple of months to discuss a wide range of topics important to residents. Tenants can speak to the housing manager if they wish to become involved, even occasionally.

Can I apply for a Bursary Award?

Bursary awards are made in August each year and applications must be submitted before the advertised deadline. If you or your family stay in an Easthall Park property and are planning to attend college or university then you can apply for our bursary (grant) programme. It does not matter what course you are planning to attend but no payments will be made until after confirmation that you have been accepted onto whatever course you have applied for. This can be used for anything that supports your course such as travelling, out of pocket expenses, books, materials (e.g. hairdressing course requires scissors etc.).

I want to make a complaint – how do I do this?

Easthall Park deals with a range of complaints including neighbour issues, and also service issues. Any tenant dissatisfied with any aspect of the service they have received can contact us to make a complaint. We will investigate this and act accordingly.

A copy of our complaints leaflet is available on the website in downloads section or at the office which details how we deal with complaints.

We value complaints and want to hear from you if you are not happy. We want the opportunity to discuss this with you and to make it right.