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Regulator reviews their level of engagement with the Co-operative!

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       The Scottish Housing Regulator (Regulator) regulates social landlords including housing associations and co-operatives and their primary objective is to "safeguard and promote the interests of current and future tenants of social landlords”.  A key task for the Regulator each year is to assess the level of engagement for each landlord relating to their circumstances and activities.

This year the Co-operatives’ level of engagement with the Regulator has reduced in recognition of our work and improvements in our governance of the Co-operative. 

The Co-operative’s Chairperson, Paul Waddell said,

“It has been a challenging period due to organisational and governance matters in recent years and the review of our level of engagement reflects the improved governance displayed by the Management Committee working closely with our new Director and Senior Management Team.” 

Paul further stated, ‘We will not ‘rest on our laurels’ and our aim is to further strengthen our governance through a review of our fully mutual status to become a charitable housing association”.

The Co-operative’s Engagement Plan 2023-24

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